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Our mission extends beyond fashion, creating not just clothing but symbols of strength for those who seek a life of meaning and dedication. Each garment we create is instilled with positivity and prayer, crafted with purpose, and shipped out to those ready to embrace their own journey. We celebrate humility and service, entrusting the direction of our company to a power greater than any individual.

We Lean into our mission, that God will help us through every trial and tribulation. Kill The Serpent is a daily reminder that we have the victory over all temptations. The choice is in your hands. Our free will is calling us to the light...

As we honor this calling, we understand that our commitment will bring about struggle, which only births the opportunity to overcome and grow. Prosperity is what you find when you align yourself with the calling God has for you. A greater reward than we can imagine is one that pushes you to become a better human being.

Kill the Serpent, we are more than a clothing company, we are a mission-driven community answering a divine call to encourage the growth of all Gods people.


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In a world shrouded by illusions, where society’s serpents of temptation slithered through the streets, silently seeping into every corner of our lives, a realization dawned. We were living not in rea


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